Meet the team


The head of operations at FurnitureInstore.

Jay is involved in every aspect of FurnitureInstore, from building FurnitureInstore foundations to pushing new avenues and aspects of the business to continue making FurnitureInstore a leading home & interior retailer.

Passions: Drinking tea and eating cake rusks.

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The head of customer services at FurnitureInstore

Omar has been with us for some time now, Omar is influential in each departments function & roles he also provides our customers with the basis for our excellent customer service.

Passions: Going to the gym and drinking tea.

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Our favourite customer service assistant 

Ahmed also known as Bubloo, is well known with our customers and our staff for his enthusiasm and passion to do an excellent job. 

Passions: Playing cricket and socialising with his friends. 



Our head of logistics

Greg is one of our most recent addition to our team, he has proven his value straight away by streamlining our delivery process which has led to increasing our delivery capacity and efficiency overall.

Passions: Going to the gym and playing football.



Our lead in digital marketing

Gareth has been with us for just under two years now, he has helped improve our website, social media presence and our overall IT systems.

Passions: Photography and outdoor travels