What is Leather Aire

What is Leather Aire?
You might have noticed that a lot of our leather sofas are upholstered in a new material called ‘leather aire’. But what is that? Read on to find out more…
Recently manufactured over the last few years, leather aire is the most technologically advanced material. Made from a micro-perforated polyurethane material, leather aire is a fabric designed to replicate the feel and texture of genuine leather at an affordable price. This makes it the best alternative as it’s ensured to not crack, peel or flake over years of use.
5 benefits of leather aire sofas:
It is perforated by microscopic holes to make the material more breathable than genuine leather. This makes it an extremely comfortable material as you do not get the sticky feeling in hot seasons and the cold and hard in winter.
The material is easier to clean compared to real leather as it can be simply wiped with a damp cloth or baby wipe without causing any damage. This is more cost effective unlike genuine leather which requires specialist cleaning solutions and is a lot more high maintenance.
Made using zero animal products which has a better impact on the environment and is accessible to those who would prefer not to use genuine leather hide. This is a vegan and eco-friendly option sustainable for the planet.
As a man-made product this means it is available in an unlimited colour range providing a wider variety of options to suit your interior design requirements for a sofa.
Designed to last decades as it is the most durable of its kind; it will not peel with use. Investing in a leather aire sofa will be worthwhile with long term benefits and requires less expenses.
Genuine leather production is linked to serious sustainability issues because extensive rearing of livestock has severe environmental impacts such as deforestation, water and land overuse and gas emissions. Furthermore, as leather mainly comes from cows, these animals produce methane which is a pollutant 25 times more harmful to the planet than CO2. This is why switching to the genuine leather alternative, leather aire, is more beneficial as it is manufactured from no animal products and is designed to last decades.
Cleaning leather aire is great as it requires minimum time and effort to upkeep. This is as simple as using warm soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth. Ensure to wring the cloth out so it is not dripping wet and wipe over the material and continue to dry with a soft microfiber cloth. We recommend cleaning leather aire regularly to avoid general wear and tear and to keep on top of any marks that build up with use. Also, don’t forget to patch test a small non-visible spot first before wiping the whole surface.

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