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Tips for decorating with rugs

A simple way to bring excitement to your room is through rugs. With an endless variety of shapes, sizes, colours and patterns; find the perfect rug for your home and experiment with where and how you choose to place it.

Firstly, an unexpected creative idea to use rugs is to layer them. It’s as simple as placing rugs on top of each other, this adds texture and provides a statement piece for your room. There’s plenty of different options on how you can style layered rugs, and it’s completely personal. Our easiest idea is layering rugs on carpets to create borders between spaces within rooms. This method also works with furniture, by layering rugs under tables or sofas to make these pieces stand out. Experiment with different sizes and colours, this method is great as you can rearrange the rugs as you like and find the best combination to suit your home.

Secondly, a classic method of layering rugs is with hide. This is a definitive statement piece and creates a more unique design because of the different shapes, colours and patterns you can find in hide. Another benefit of using hide is that it can bring life into an older, potentially damaged rug. By putting a hide rug on top of an older rug it has the possibility of being used to cover stains and provides a fresh feel to your room. Hide stands out on your floor and the contrast in colours and patterns provides endless potential in the design you choose to have in your room. 

An unusual way to display your rugs, is by hanging them on walls. This is an alternative way to decorate your walls instead of traditional styles of artwork, it also provides potential for styling different colour combinations in the room. Use a patterned rug with a visually pleasing design that matches your colour, theme and style of the room. There are different methods on how to attach a rug to a wall, some of these are: velcro, curtain rod, tack strips and hooks. An advantage of hanging rugs is that the neighbouring room will appear muffled, creating a calmer room environment.

Finally, the size of your rug is also very important. We recommend measuring your floor space in advance so you know what size rug will look best. The number one mistake is buying a rug which is too small, it is best to get a rug which exceeds the edges of the furniture on it, this makes your room appear bigger. If the rug is too small, everything else will look out of scale. Different rooms will suit different sized rugs, so be sure to experiment to see what size looks best inside your home. 

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