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Our Corner Sofa Guide.

A different option when buying a new sofa suite for your home is a corner sofa. The modern design of corner pieces provides style, comfort and practicality; ensuring all of your living room seating is together in one. If you’re struggling to decide on whether to buy a corner sofa, this guide will convince you.


A large space is not necessarily required if you want a corner sofa. In fact, it’s more efficient to get a corner sofa to use a smaller space effectively and to avoid cluttering a room with different sofas or armchairs. The L shape corner sofa creates additional seating while using fewer pieces of furniture, this provides an opportunity to make smaller areas of the home have a more social setting for families and guests. Another great way why corner sofas fit perfectly into your room is because you can adapt them to fit certain areas in your home. With different designs on each corner sofa, many will have a shorter and a longer side which you can arrange to suit the size and shape of your room.

Corner sofas can also be used as an outline to separate rooms in open plan areas of your home, this creates an invisible divide between open spaces without the use of a wall. 

Providing a more social atmosphere; allowing space to interact in every area of the home. 


A corner sofa provides the perfect opportunity to decorate. A coffee table fits perfectly into the space created by the sofa, and is a great place to add accessories and ornaments. Lamps and lamp tables can also be used around the edge of corner sofas to brighten areas which lack natural light. Another way to create a more open and light feel is to opt for a sofa raised off the ground with modern legs to allow light to flow around the room. Finally, rugs can be used as an ideal finishing touch to lay underneath furniture, this brings focus to the specific area of the room by highlighting the corner sofa. Especially, a contrasting colour rug would draw the perfect amount of attention to your new furniture.


Once you’ve decided on the perfect corner sofa, consider restyling your room around it. A fresh theme will give your new sofa the standout attention it deserves. Experiment with textures, colours and patterns to add interest to a neutral space. This can create a vibrant atmosphere in your room and shows creativity in the home. Accessorise with bright, embroidered cushions which complement other pieces of decor. As a corner sofa will be a big investment to last in your home a long time, it is important to change cushions when you can, to keep your room fresh and up to date.

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