Grey Living room decor

Grey Living Room Colour Combination Ideas

It is important when using grey as a colour base in your living room to balance it with another colour. This creates a stylish contrast and avoids a bland design. Our favourite grey colour combinations will bring a creative look to your home.

Grey and green

The use of green brings a natural and fresh look to your room. This can be achieved with house plants that bring life into your living space. Different shades of green can be created from a variety of plants, real or fake, bringing nature inside. 

This natural look can also be designed with the use of pattern and prints on fabrics or on wallpaper, start by introducing frond and fern motifs into your furniture through accessories such as cushions.

Grey and teal

The unique combination of grey and teal creates a modern look to your home. The clean and modern look of a grey living room can be complimented by teal which creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere to your home. A smart way to introduce teal into your room can be as simple as the use of a rug, this is an essential to bring a cool and calm feel. Other teal flooring options could be introduced to your room with a patterned teal carpet. Another simple way to bring teal to your room can be by complimenting your sofas with additional teal pillows.

Grey and tan leather

A more traditional and elegant look to inspire your living room can be designed with the use of tan leather. A tan leather sofa would be a bold statement to bring a vintage look to your home. The contrast of the neutral tones of grey and tan creates a warm element and is a perfect way to make your living room sophisticated.

Grey and yellow

A perfect family living room can be created by using grey as a neutral base colour. A simple fabric or leather sofa suite for practical living can be enhanced with patterned yellow cushions to bring a happy atmosphere into your home. Choose a simple pattern wallpaper and add a bookshelf and pictures you can decorate with subtle hints of yellow to make the perfect family room.

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