Decorating smaller homes

Homes in Britain are smaller than ever, compact houses can feel especially small to families, but there are many ways to work around this, don’t let a small home stop you from maximising your possibilities of interior design.

A first step to making your home feel bigger is by using light to make smaller rooms seem large. This can be achieved by having large window spaces to let in as much natural light as possible. Further compliment this by using white as a base colour in these rooms, this is extra effective on walls, ceilings and floors, to give an illusion of added height and width. White does not necessarily have to be the only colour you are able to use, as long as it is a neutral light shade, for example, creams and pastels, your room will instantly feel much bigger.

Other ways to implement light into the home if you are limited with natural window lighting is the use of mirrors. Large wall mirrors will reflect light around the room and optimise potential in your room making sure there are minimum dim areas. Smaller mirrors also achieve this but focus on certain areas of the room and create a more dramatic light in the more discrete parts of the room. Another smart way to let light flow around the room is by using a sofa lifted off the ground which lets light pass under.

Also, using smaller furniture will avoid overcrowding of the room and will ensure the room does not feel cramped. A surprising way you can achieve this is by using a compact corner sofa to avoid having multiple sofa suites, and this is a great way to provide a large amount of seating for the family in a compact home. Ensure you measure the space you have to work with so the furniture you use stays within the restrictions and provides enough accessibility to move around the room with ease. 

A clever way to also make it feel like there is more space in your smaller rooms is through the use of a minimalist decorative design. The less clutter around the house provides more open spaces to make sure your room does not feel cramped with too many picture frames and ornaments. An easy way to be more minimalist is by using a couple of larger ornaments rather than multiple smaller ones and allows a better focus drawing attention to these smaller decorative pieces.

Finally, the best way to work with small space in homes is by being extremely smart with storage. This can easily be achieved by using tables with underneath storage like coffee tables, and tv stands. Or even the potential with space under the sofa to tuck away any clutter. A lot of furniture is designed to be versatile, for example extending dining tables which provide a compact design but then can be extended to fit the needs of bigger families.

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