Choosing The Perfect Dining Table

Finding the best dining table for your home requires a few simple steps to make sure you find the perfect table for your budget, space and style.

  1. Measure your space.

Your dining table has to fit your dining area, and you have to account for space around the table for the chairs and accessibility. As a centerpiece it works best to plan outwards from the table. The more space the better. We recommend three feet around your table so chairs can be pushed back comfortably.

  1. Choosing a table shape.

The most common shape for a dining table is a square or rectangular design. If you’re looking to save space then an extending table provides more room and versatility. However, a round or an oval table provides a larger surface area and is recommended for being more sociable and suited for conservation. 

  1. Choosing a material.
  • Solid wood – a classic, durable material, easy to repair, expensive.
  • Veneer – an affordable alternative to solid wood.
  • Stone – marble, quartz, cast stone, durable but absorbs stains easily, chips harder to repair, prices range depending on material.
  • Glass – clear, frosted, tinted, inexpensive and creates a feeling of space, shows chips, scratches and fingerprints.
  1. Choosing chairs.

Deciding on chairs brings is an opportunity to be creative with your dining room. Whether you choose to have a set of matching chairs to create a uniform, sophisticated look, or a variety of different coloured chairs to create a fun style. Comfort is an essential, padded seats will please your dinner guests. Leather seats are an easy clean to wipe off any marks or choose fabric seats which come in a variety of colours, patterns, and designs.

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