2020 Dining Room Trends

One of this year’s main interior focuses is dining rooms. As the start of a new decade, dining rooms will get the attention they deserve. The hidden gem of your home; read on to find out about the potential these rooms have.

This decade, the focus is on the entertainment and social impact dining rooms can create. Moving away from the previous years simple and minimalist designs, 2020 is bringing the opportunity to go bigger. Dining tables bring family and friends together, a key way to provide a positive social environment is to look at adding more chairs. Worried about space? A round dining table creates a bigger surface area without corners allowing room for more chairs, this is recommended as they are more suited to a conversation and can provide the perfect focal point at dinner parties. Another way to create more seating for an entertainment-based dining room is the use of benches, these create a versatile design and can be tucked away under the table for space. 

Another great way to express personality in the dining room is with the use of colour. Colourful chairs, stools and benches create a bright and modern look and can be mixed and matched to provide a unique design for 2020. A neutral dining space can be brought to life and make a statement in the home. If you want to keep a more uniform design to the room, keep the chair design and leg colour the same, but consider different colours and patterns which compliment each other and can be added alongside further dining room decoration.

Natural elements are also commonly appearing throughout the home, and this year plants will have a special place in the home. Whilst bringing the room to life, plants also provide naturally filtered and purified air creating a healthy lifestyle which is key for this decade. Plants also add a huge amount of texture which can fill awkward areas in the room, the more plants in the room create a thicker texture and embrace every corner bringing the entire room to life.

Moving away from formality is a common theme this decade, kitchen and dining rooms are being renovated to create a semi-open space, this is achieved by not entirely closing off another room, but to use architectural designs such as archways to define different spaces in the home; moving away from the completely open plan living design. This creates a laid back feel and is ideal for the modern family home, allowing different zones in the home to feel closer together by opening up areas which would originally be closed off. Benches can also be used here to create a sense of informality, these are seen as more ‘family-friendly’ and focus on their personal touch of a relaxed and casual home.

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