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What is Leather Aire

What is Leather Aire? You might have noticed that a lot of our leather sofas are upholstered in a new material called ‘leather aire’. But what is that? Read on to find out more… Recently manufactured over the last few years, leather aire is the most technologically advanced material. Made from a micro-perforated polyurethane material, leather aire is a fabric designed to replicate the feel and texture of genuine leather at an affordable price. This makes it the best alternative as it’s ensured to not crack, peel or flake over... Read More


Decorating smaller homes

Homes in Britain are smaller than ever, compact houses can feel especially small to families, but there are many ways to work around this, don’t let a small home stop you from maximising your possibilities of interior design. A first step to making your home feel bigger is by using light to make smaller rooms seem large. This can be achieved by having large window spaces to let in as much natural light as possible. Further compliment this by using white as a base colour in these rooms, this is... Read More

rug 26/11/2020

How to clean a rug

As a centrepiece to most rooms, eventually comes the time when your rug needs a more substantial and deeper clean to keep it looking fresh. Once or twice a year, when stains begin piling up, we recommend giving your rug a clean to ensure it looks just as lovely as when it was first bought. This guide shows you the perfect way to clean your rug, without the need of a professional! For a deeper clean, it will be more efficient to take advantage of good weather, therefore we recommend... Read More


2020 Dining Room Trends

One of this year’s main interior focuses is dining rooms. As the start of a new decade, dining rooms will get the attention they deserve. The hidden gem of your home; read on to find out about the potential these rooms have. This decade, the focus is on the entertainment and social impact dining rooms can create. Moving away from the previous years simple and minimalist designs, 2020 is bringing the opportunity to go bigger. Dining tables bring family and friends together, a key way to provide a positive social... Read More

grey fabric sofa 29/06/2020

Our Corner Sofa Guide.

A different option when buying a new sofa suite for your home is a corner sofa. The modern design of corner pieces provides style, comfort and practicality; ensuring all of your living room seating is together in one. If you’re struggling to decide on whether to buy a corner sofa, this guide will convince you. Space A large space is not necessarily required if you want a corner sofa. In fact, it’s more efficient to get a corner sofa to use a smaller space effectively and to avoid cluttering a... Read More

mink rug 02/06/2020
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Tips for decorating with rugs

A simple way to bring excitement to your room is through rugs. With an endless variety of shapes, sizes, colours and patterns; find the perfect rug for your home and experiment with where and how you choose to place it. Firstly, an unexpected creative idea to use rugs is to layer them. It’s as simple as placing rugs on top of each other, this adds texture and provides a statement piece for your room. There’s plenty of different options on how you can style layered rugs, and it’s completely personal.... Read More


2020 Living Room Trends

Our favourite trends for this year will bring out your creative side, and allow you to experiment with the interior of your home. Classic Blue As Pantone’s 2020 colour of the year, classic blue is a reliable shade that can easily be adapted to suit your home. The associations with the colour blue are it’s dependability, the representation of a calm atmosphere, and as a colour you can rely on. Blue provides the perfect amount of contrast for interiors in modern and traditional style homes. Botanical Prints A natural element... Read More

dining table in marble 15/05/2020

Choosing The Perfect Dining Table

Finding the best dining table for your home requires a few simple steps to make sure you find the perfect table for your budget, space and style. Measure your space. Your dining table has to fit your dining area, and you have to account for space around the table for the chairs and accessibility. As a centerpiece it works best to plan outwards from the table. The more space the better. We recommend three feet around your table so chairs can be pushed back comfortably. Choosing a table shape. The... Read More

fabric sofa 07/05/2020

How to clean your fabric sofas

Your sofa endures a lot of use; there’s no avoiding spillages and stains. Here’s a short guide on how to clean your sofa and keep it looking brand new. Spot cleaning Any small marks should be able to be easily removed with warm soapy water. It’s as simple as putting a tablespoon of washing up liquid into a cup of warm water. Use a clean cloth in the soapy water and apply to the mark by dabbing. Follow with a dry cloth to absorb the water. Repeat this until the... Read More

Grey Living room decor 20/04/2020

Grey Living Room Colour Combination Ideas

It is important when using grey as a colour base in your living room to balance it with another colour. This creates a stylish contrast and avoids a bland design. Our favourite grey colour combinations will bring a creative look to your home. Grey and green The use of green brings a natural and fresh look to your room. This can be achieved with house plants that bring life into your living space. Different shades of green can be created from a variety of plants, real or fake, bringing nature... Read More